👉🍒🍒Who wouldn’t love cherries? Apart from tasting really good, they also offer very good nutritional value.


Each cherry tree produces about 7000 cherries every harvest season. They are available in a variety of colours ranging from yellow to black but the ones that are mostly consumed are red in colour.


🍒🍒Cherries also come in different shapes from round to heart; They can be eaten as snacks and are also used in making tarts and cherry pies or juice. They benefit us in many ways as it is a source of nutrients and vitamins.


They also help in burning fat, however they do not show a drastic loss in weight, you can substitute them with higher calorie food in order to reduce your daily calorie


They contain anthocyanins which are good for maintaining a healthy body.


The anti oxidants help in inhibiting the oxidation promoted by oxygen and anti oxidants that help protect the body💪💪 from damaging the preradicals or ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capability) it also measures the total anti oxidant value.


Our body should at least contain about 3000-5000 oral units daily to reach the significant oxygen capacity that is required in the blood.


👉 Cherries contain melatonin which is five times more than the blackberries, strawberries and helps cure insomnia (which is a sleep deficiency) and maintaining healthy joint function. It is also suggested for jet lag.


👉 They also act as anti inflammatory agent🍒🍒