8 healthy Snacks you can eat after 8pm


1. Whether you maybe had an early supper or you are simply bored or tired, cravings for food can strike anytime, especially late at night. It happens usually when you’re watching TV, reading or just getting ready for sleep. The worst part about them is that when you give into these cravings consistently, they can lead to weight gain.


So, rather than reaching out for those junk foods that are loaded with trans fat, MSG and other high calories, why not try these healthier alternatives instead?


1. Popcorn 😊


Rather than munching on those potato chips that are high in fat, try popcorn and then sprinkle some seasonings like salt, Parmesan cheese, or chili pepper flakes instead of spreading butter.


2. Avocado☺


Just a few slices of some fresh avocado fruit or even homemade guacamole with tortilla chips or multi grain bread could provide a healthier option rich in fiber and good fat.


3. Bananas ☺



They contain potassium and magnesium, and they’re natural muscle relaxant; with their high carbohydrate content, these make you sleep better and reduces hunger right away. Throw them in a blender for an even tastier snack!


4. Greek Yoghurt😊



One cup is low in sugar, but high in protein goodness so you feel full quickly. You can also combine some fresh fruits for some added sweetness.


5. Dark Chocolate😊


Consuming a single square or even 2 of the 70% cacao or greater contains lesser sugar and it also packs more antioxidants than your average milk chocolate


6. Cereal😊



A tiny bowl of high fiber cereal or low fat granola based with skimmed milk would generate a feeling of fullness which could get you through your craving during those late nights.


7. Hummus 😊



One serving of celery and as well as carrot sticks dipped in some really deliciously creamy hummus could easily satisfy that raving for crunch, and the hummus is one amazing source of protein.


8. Blueberries😊



Just about a single cup of frozen blueberries is already rich in fiber, antioxdants and vitamins. For that extra sugary sweetness and texture, you could try a dollop of just a light whipped cream. Then, voila! It’s a perfect light healthy snack at night.


If you try these choices instead, you’ll realize that snakelike late at night may not be some guilty pleasure or bad for your waistline at all. Just be firm to having high in protein and low in carbs snacks in order you can be easily filled up and also help you to sleep sounder. Thus, it will make you feel healthier and happier.[/vc_column_text][ultimate_modal modal_title=”Contact Us” modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”.display-popup” modal_style=”overlay-show-genie” overlay_bg_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.42)” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″ content_bg_color=”#ededa6″ modal_border_style=”solid” modal_border_width=”2″ modal_border_color=”#e8205c” modal_border_radius=”5″ img_size=”24″ img_close_background_color=”#1d8401″ close_icon_position=”popup-top-right” header_text_color=”#318c00″ header_font_style=”font-weight:bold;”]