Do We Need Nutritional Supplements?

You may ask yourself, “I want get healthier, but do I really need to take supplements?”

In a perfect world probably not! Most people may not know the functions of supplements and their role in running our bodily engine. Without micronutrients all the red-light warnings will go OFF!

The truth is that we are living in a world where stress, toxicity, nutrient deficiency and much more affects our metabolism.

Take the old symptom – scurvy! A lack of sufficient Vitamin C. With the advancements on the genetics technology theme, we have taken a big leap in understanding beyond the old discoveries. For example, the role of vitamin K2-7 in bone health,  osteoporosis, heart health and dental health.

The question should be: what are the real benefits of taking the RIGHT kind of supplements, NOT just any supplements. Supplements are not all created equal. The right supplements need to be standardized, free of additives, have their ingredients in the active form for better absorption, and provide appropriate dosing and timing just to name a few.

Choose Your Sources Wisely

One of the best options for supplements are dispensaries where they have diverse companies, offer wholesale prices, work directly with manufacturers to choose from, and in some cases do their own testing to place their seal of approval!

Buying from a third party will cost more, and the product may have been sitting longer on the shelf and not be of the best quality.

What Are Some Reasons To Use Supplements?
  • Not having adequate and balanced nutrients in the diet
  • Aid in boosting the immune system
  • May prevent some health issues and disease
  • May reduce oxidative stress
  • Support for metabolic pathways
Recommended Supplement Companies