✅1. 🍃We all know it’s important to eat fruits and veggies to be healthy, but you should eat them raw because cooking destroys not only some nutrients, but also enzymes.


✅2. If you’re not used to eat fruits and veggies, it will be easier for you to drink a smoothie than eat all the ingredients you need to make one.


✅3. Smoothies taste amazing, everybody loves them, even the children. There are so many combinations you can make, so you’ll never get tired of them.


✅4. They’re so easy to prepare and they’re ready in less than 15 minutes (or even less than 5!). In addition, you only need 4 kitchen tools to make a smoothie: a knife, a cutting board, a blender and a jar.


✅5. If you hate drinking water, you can drink a smoothie! They can keep you hydrated and you’re going to love them.


✅6. Smoothies are perfect to eat on the go. You just need to make your smoothie, store it in a jar and enjoy it whenever you want.


✅7. Raw fruits and vegetables speed up transit time and are much easier to digest than many of the foods we usually eat. If your digestion improves, you’ll have more energy.


✅8. Bad eating habits cause disease. If you eat raw fruits and veggies, you’ll feel better.


✅9. Our skin is the outer reflection of our inner health, so you should follow a healthy lifestyle if you want a beautiful and healthy skin.


✅10. Smoothies can help you to reach your ideal weight. You can replace your breakfast (or any other meal) for a smoothie, they’re so satisfying and nutritious. Smoothies help reduce and over time, eliminate your junk food cravings.🍃