What are the nutritional benefits of zucchini


The zucchini also called as courgette is a summer squash which often grows to nearly a meter in length, but which is usually harvested at half that size or less.It belongs to the

hybrid of the cucumber.

Along with certain other squashes,it belongs to the species Cucurbita pepo.Zucchini fruit can be dark or light green.It can either be yellow or green and generally has a similar shape to a ridged cucumber, though a few cultivars are available that produce round or bottle-shaped fruit.Unlike the cucumber it is usually served cooked, often steamed or grilled.Its flower can be eaten fried or stuffed.




One cup serving of zucchini contains over 10% of the RDA of magnesium proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Zucchini also provides folate, a vitamin needed to break down the dangerous amino acid which – if levels in the body shoot up – can contribute to heart attack and stroke.




Metabolism of sugar in the body requires many B-complex vitamins, and most of these B-complex vitamins are found in valuable amounts in summer squash. Also important in blood sugar metabolism are the minerals zinc and magnesium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and all of these nutrients are provided by summer squash.




Potassium found in zucchini helps to lower the blood pressure. Ifunchecked, hypertension, or high blood pressure, can lead to arteriosclerosis (blood vessel damage), heart attack, stoke, and many other serious conditions. Zucchini can help alleviate the stress on the body’s circulatory system.




The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients in summer squash is a combination for providing anti-cancer benefits. The development of much cancer depends on chronic, oxidative stress that can occur along with poor intake of antioxidant nutrients and with lack of anti-inflammatory nutrients.This fruit provides much antioxidant properties to reduce cancer cells.




The dietary fiber present in zucchini fruit helps to lower cholesterol level by attaching itself to bile acids thus the liver reduces cholesterol and digest the fat. Fiber binds with bile acid, and thus it immediately digests fat. Furthermore, the high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A in this fruit prevents cholesterol from oxidizing in body’s blood vessels, thus preventing atherosclerosis.




Dried summer squash seeds are used for treatment of intestinal tapeworms or other intestinal parasites.






The most severe side effects from taking zucchini may occur if an individual is allergic for those who have Chest pain, tightness in the chest, swelling, a rash or hives may indicate an allergic reaction . So take doctors advice when you intake of this fruit.

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