Your gut will start to heal once you remove the irritant (gluten) from your diet, but your body will not make a full recovery without helping it along by eating anti-inflammatory foods. Remember, it’s not just about what you take out of your diet; but also it’s about healing your gut and nursing it back to health by putting good stuff back in.

There is a major difference between feeling better and truly healing from celiac disease. While removing gluten may put you on a path to feeling better, your gut has been massacred by gluten for many years. It may took you years to finally start feeling better even though you are gluten-free. It won’t be until you clean up your diet and started eating naturally gluten-free foods and paying attention to your gut health that you will feel better.

Think of it this way. If you’re stabbed in the gut with a knife, you can remove the offending irritant (the knife) but is is far from achieved. You still need to care for and nurse the wound, restoring your gut as best you can back to its original state. This is the same with celiac disease. Once you remove the irritant (gluten), you still need to care for and nurture the wound left behind.

To heal from celiac disease, you must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Begin to green juicing daily, allowing your digestive system to rest while it soaked in all the nutrients. You should also enjoy homemade bone broths – which helped to strengthen the lining of the small intestine. You should also begin to take few vitamins and supplements (Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Fish Oil, and Protandim, which helps to reduce the oxidative stress in the body. I do not endorse nor sell Protandim – I only advice to take it and your gut will feels better when you do).

Only with these supplements and this new anti-inflammatory diet will you be able to begin to heal your body from celiac disease.