Food Sensitivities

If you have been experiencing a host of symptoms where you can’t put your finger on it as to why your skin is irritated, you get hives or a persistent rash or itching, or you suffer from headache or indigestion?

Are you unable to get answers from all the doctor visits with no resolution to your issues?

Look no further – inflammation, and the underlying cause of it, can be a sensitivity to certain foods/ additives and chemicals.

What Really Is Food Sensitivity?

It is an immune response to certain foreign bodies that is triggered, causing a pro-inflammatory effect. By eliminating the cause there is an improvement in symptoms.

If you are currently experiencing chronic unresolved health problems and want to know if the patented MRT® blood test and LEAP anti-inflammatory eating plan is something that might help you.

The following drop down explains the LEAP Program I offer.
LEAP / MRT Plan:

MRT is a blood test that identifies delayed-type food and chemical & additive sensitivities, and the associated Lifestyle Eating And Performance (LEAP) therapy is an elimination diet protocol, to be very effective in alleviating these chronic inflammatory conditions.

Food sensitivities are dose dependent and symptoms are often delayed, sometimes by 3 days. This makes it difficult to correlate particular foods with their associated. Each person is different, Therefore depending on the severity of the conditions timing varies.

Oxford Biomedical Technologies is the true leader in the field of food sensitivity testing, therapy, training and technology development. Utilizing most advanced, proprietary instruments (MRTIII), Oxford offers the patented Mediator Release blood test (MRT), the most innovative and clinically useful test for hidden inflammatory responses to foods and food-chemicals.

  • Medical research has shown that sensitivities to food and food-chemicals can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems
  • Sensitivities are a type of inflammatory reactions that is entirely different than food allergy and most doctors are unaware they are different
  • If foods and additives in your diet are contributing to your illness, whatever medications you take will ultimately fail because they only mask the symptoms. They don’t treat the underlying cause of the symptoms – hidden inflammation caused by sensitivity reactions to foods and food-chemicals
  • And as is too often the case, many medications have side effects that can lead to other health problems
Nutrition Consults:
  • Results/Protocol Consult 1 (90 min.): review & explain test results, design customized Phase 1, create grocery list, menu options, provide educational & recipe resources. Phase 1 minimum 10 days.
  • Consult 2 (30 min. ): review Symptom Survey Phase 2; check in/update/feedback; review success, progress & challenges, Plan 10 days to two weeks depending on Symptom Survey.
  • Consult 3 (30 min.): review Symptom Survey 3, check in/update/feedback; review success, progress & challenges.Schedule follow-up consult after 10 days to two weeks depending on sign and Symptoms.
  • Consult 4 ( 30 min.): review Symptom Survey 4, check in/update/feedback; review adherence success, chart progress & challenges, discuss & design timeline of re-introduction of reactive foods. Discuss supplementation needs if necessary. Discuss supplementation needs if necessary.
  • Schedule follow-up consult after 1 month to review any challenges.