Gina is professional and the best consultant

I am very lucky to have met and worked with Gina.
She is incredibly knowledgable in her field, and so very caring about her client.
She has treated me as one of her friends and I’m forever grateful for that.
I went through her program and did all the testing and per her recommendation did Lectin-Free, gluten-free diet also went through the LEAP program, and as a result my arthritis pain and stiffness drastically subsided to almost zero pain and stiffness.
I also lost 18 lbs in the process.
Again I am forever grateful for her advice and recommendations, also the supplements she recommended in order to restore my gut problems.
Gina is an amazing individual and a phenomenal Nutritionist. She takes her job very seriously and cares on a personal level. I will recommend her to anyone who wants to get to the root cause of problems, fix them, get healthy, and feel great.
Thanks again Gina

Simin Alamooty

Has Really Improved My Overall Health

Gina’s system has really improved my overall health and physical condition, not only do I perform better in the gym but in my personal life I have more energy. The best thing about Gina is that she can tailor make a program to fit your specific needs. In my case I wanted to maintain a certain level of peak performance in the gym with her diet I was more than satisfied! I recommend her system to all Levels of individuals, whether weekend athlete or performance-based individuals!

– Joe Ross

Gina Is Phenomenal

Gina is a phenomenal nutritionist. Not only is she knowledgeable on mrt and LEAP but she is patient and flexible, which is the only reason I️ was able to complete the program despite my busy schedule. When I talked to her it was like speaking to a friend who genuinely wanted me to get to the root of my problem. Although challenging, the LEAP program brought me results as little as in a week. As someone who struggles with bloating, anxiety (OCD), the program was a blessing. It managed to get to the root of my problems unlike the “one size fits all” pharmaceutical medication which just made me worse. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to get to the root of their health issues.

– Jaclyn Ramos

Knowledgeable, Energetic And Passionate

I am so happy I met Gina. She is so knowledgeable, energetic and very passionate about GI health! Thanks to her passion for gut health, I was able to get mine back on track. She provided me with great ideas that helped me reach my goals and the information she gave me made the process very attainable. I am so thankful for all of your expertise, guidance and help Gina!

– Arelis G.