MRT Testing


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Each online lab test purchased includes:

  • MRT LEAP blood test of  170 most common foods and food chemicals. Results provided within 2-3 weeks of blood draw.
  • 50 page LEAP booklet with test information with in-depth information on common and hidden sources of reactive foods, additives and chemicals, reactive food alternatives, and more!
  • Laminated wallet-sized card listing your reactive foods for quick reference

Please choose one of the following options:

Consultation & Lab Interpretation – $695.00 

A 30 minute consultation reviewing test interpretation of lab results to implement a personalized plan

Consultation with Followup & In-Depth Lab Interpretation – $945.00

Initial consultation and two 30 minute follow-ups, with in-depth lab interpretation and personalized supplement and diet intervention recommendations.

Comprehensive 4 Week Program – $1200.00


  • Week 1 – 90 minute consultation to review materials and assessment and food recommendations
  • Weeks 2 thru 4 – 30 minute follow-up consultations to review food diary and adding appropriate foods to diet based on signs and symptoms