We are what we eat and what we eat directly shows up on our skin. This means, key to good health is having a proper and balanced diet filled with essential nutrients. Oily skin is a major problem and whatever you do, you may not always have good effects or maybe the results could be temporary. There are some foods specific for good skin that can help control sebum production and also help keep skin clear. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins etc. maintain skin’s health and here the best foods you need to consume for oily skin:


Avocados are great for skin (both dry and oily skin) and this wonder ingredient is been used in a lot of DIY and commercial skin products. Avocados contain essential fatty acids that are great for maintaining and improving skin health. Apart from essential fatty acids, avocados are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants. More: Foods for healthy skin, hair and nails


Tuna not only is tasty but also is a well-known source of Omega 3 fatty acid. It’s one of the more readily available foods, and something that you can easily have on a regular basis. Choosing a version like albacore or tuna steaks is your best bet nutritionally, as these are high quality proteins that will help you feel full longer and build lean muscle. More: Foods high in omega 3


Flax seeds is an easily available omega source. Flax seeds provide instant omega-3 benefits. They are also high in fibre and healthy fats, so you’re really getting multiple benefits from just one food item.


Cucumber is rich in minerals and has high water content. More fluid in the body keeps skin clear, plump and less oily. Cucumbers contain 96% water, are rich in fibre and minerals and are cool. They make a great treat during summer and however you have it, slice or dice it and have it alone, they will take away your thirst. More: Best foods for acne


Beet is high in antioxidants and great for oily skin. Beets purify your blood and are also rich in fibre that keeps metabolism running smoothly. Have them raw or put them in salads or other dishes.


Foods in high water content or high fluids keeps toxins away and keep skin plump and less oily. Coconut water gives instant hydration to your skin and balances oiliness. Add some fruit to it for additional flavour, or add some to your fruit juices. If you like the taste of coconut, feel free to drink it in its simple form.


The health benefits of pineapple are extremely amazing due to its high content of vitamins, manganese, thiamine, and antioxidants. Pineapples are also fat-free (which makes it great for oily skin), cholesterol-free and low in sodium. More: Health benefits of pineapples


Fish rich in essential fats- omega-3 fatty acids especially salmon are very beneficial for maintaining elasticity of your skin, controlling oiliness, making it plump and clear. Apart from making skin more elastic and keeping it clear, these fatty acids also add a healthy glow to your face and overall body.


Watermelon is great for oily skin and is also an acne fighting food and the reason is similar to that of consuming cucumber. Watermelon ranks the top in the water-filled fruits because it contains 92% water and the rest is fibre, minerals and nutrients.


Kale is getting more and more popular as the mainstream catches on to its health benefits. It even provides omega-3s, making it one of the best vegetables you can eat.